If Coffee Is A Stimulant, Why Does It Make Me Sleepy?

Many of us rely on a jolt of caffeine to help us wake up in the morning or to push through that afternoon energy slump. If it seems like the boost that you were expecting wears off too quickly or never comes at all, you are not alone. To answer the question “Why does coffee make me sleepy?”, it is important to examine the various ways in which caffeine affects the body.

Caffeine and Genetics

We all metabolize caffeine at different rates. This is due to variants in a specific gene called CYP1A2.

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  • If you are a slow caffeine metabolizer, you are not as likely to experience a quick rush of energy after drinking a cup of coffee. On the other hand, the caffeine does stay in the body longer, so if you do not stop drinking coffee early in the afternoon, you may have trouble getting to sleep.
  • Fast metabolizers tend to feel caffeine as soon as they drink it. They typically need to consume steady amounts of caffeine throughout the day in order to maintain the effects. Most fast metabolizers are able to drink coffee later in the day without it affecting their sleep.

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Is It Safe for My Dog to Drink Coffee?

Can Dogs Drink Coffee?

We tend to think of our canine companions as our best friends. Because of this closeness, we often share bits of our food or beverages with them; however, when it comes to coffee and other caffeinated beverages, sharing is definitely not caring.

Is Coffee Bad for Dogs?

The caffeine in coffee is a nervous system stimulant, which is why so many of us need it to function first thing in the morning. Coffee has the same stimulating effect in dogs as it does in humans; however, a dog’s tolerance for caffeine is much lower than ours. Even in small amounts, caffeine can be toxic to dogs.

Is Coffee Bad for Dogs?

Can Dogs Drink Coffee?

As little as 140 to 150 mg of caffeine per kilogram of body weight can be lethal in dogs. Your dog would have to drink more than a full cup of coffee to get that much caffeine; however, they can overdose quickly if they get into coffee grounds or your favorite chocolate-covered coffee beans.

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What Are the Differences Between Coffee and Red Bull?

While coffee has been widely consumed for thousands of years, Red Bull and other energy drinks are relative newcomers to the caffeinated beverage market. Millions of Americans turn to one of these two beverages on a daily basis to increase energy and mental alertness, but is there really a difference?

The following looks at important distinctions between coffee and Red Bull.Red Bull

A Comparison of Coffee vs Red Bull:

My comparison looks at how coffee stacks up to Red Bull in terms of the amount of energy-boosting caffeine, calories, sugar content, price, and other health benefits.

Caffeine Content

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